Jen Trulson :: Simple and Sacred Living

You are not alone.


Welcome to my virtual home, a sacred space to gather, heal, and really live.
You’ll find a little bit of everything from medicine to magic,
as well as the messy and mundane.

There is nothing I like more than to share what’s on my heart
and help my fellow sisters (you!) live a sacred life. So come along with me,
we’ll move with the seasons and be guided by the moon
as we tune in, heal, and discover our own rhythm and cycle.

Hand in hand with curiosity and wonder, nature and the moon,
oracle and energy work we will explore...
what’s most sacred to you.

I help women like you come home to themselves…
to feel what you know, trust your body, and sink into your soul
to wake up each morning full of wonder and gratitude
to help you define Sacred Living for you.

So grab your favorite beverage and take a peek around.
Give yourself permission to wander, get lost, and be inspired.

With BIG love and gratitude,


A few places to begin…

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