with my whole heart


I Believe

in me
in you
in us
in making the world a better place by practicing love and compassion daily
love is all you need AND love is the answer, always, all ways
girlfriends are a MUST
I have a bigger purpose
my children are a gift
laughter daily is a requirement
I am the luckiest mom
my marriage keeps getting better (is that possible? must be!)
people can change because they want to
life is fascinating
curiosity is essential
I get ʻnaturally highʼ connecting with like-minded people
music makes my soul sing
dancing is ʻthe bestʼ form of cardio next to sex
the angels are bowling when I hear thunder
in Gaia, Mother Earth, she leaves me speechless and nourishes
in Father Sky, he reminds me of beauty and connection
I am surrounded by angels and guides and am connected to the Divine
in kisses
~ french, butterfly, eskimo, hersheyʼs dark chocolate, hello, good-bye, good morning, good-night
in saying ʻthank youʼ and “I love you” because I mean it
a blue sky makes my entire body smile
the color of fall leaves are mesmerizing
breath is magic and breathing it in
life is to experience
a sense of wonder is crucial
pizza was created for friday nights
our stories matter
in having fun
in intentions
in living each day on purpose
in loving myself, my life, my world
in letting go and trusting
in surrendering
in forgiving
in living each day as if it were my last

Did I mention… I believe in YOU!