Can you relate?

My passion is partnering with women who are:
• married and lonely
• running on empty, existing, unfulfilled
• thinking ʻthis is not what I signed up for!ʼ
• wearing a happy face but feel empty inside
• have it all, are unhappy and feel guilty for being unhappy
• putting everyone first, yourself last or more likely… not at all
• feeling that life is falling apart

Ladies – been there, done that! I was so numb that I didnʼt realize how unhappy I was. I
covered it up with smoking, pills and keeping busy at ALL times. I hit autopilot and didnʼt
even realize it.

I canʼt help myself when it comes to working with women who are ready to feel, live, and
love life, on purpose AND be their true audacious beautiful confident sexy self! Are you

If not now, when?

Go from stuck, lost and somethingʼs missing to:
• My relationships are better than I ever imagined!
• This is exactly what I signed up for – give me more!
• My life rocks – inside and out!
• I love who I am and what I stand for!
• Time is on my side – everything goes my way!

You can and will wake up with a sense of wonder… ʻwhat will today bring?ʼ Touching,
seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling and feeling the fabulousness of every day! Embrace,
experience and enjoy this freakinʼ fantastic adventure called YOUR LIFE. Turn who you
want to be into who you are.


Personal Coaching

Fifty minute one-on-one session in person or over the phone. $125

Thirty minute one-on-one session over the phone. $65


Group Coaching / Classes / Workshops / Retreats
Interactive group in-person and tele-classes (phone courses). See Happenings page for current offerings.

I love speaking to groups! Please email me for current rates.

Curious about Coaching?

Schedule a FREE 20 minute coaching consult and see if weʼre a good fit for each other!


Inspire and empower women to create a life they love, starting with themselves. To live
and love each day on purpose by embracing, enjoying and experiencing the freakinʼ
amazing adventure called LIFE. Live from the inside out. Love Life. Be You.
The end is just the beginning!

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