Come Home Pic framed

A Nine Month Experience to come home to yourself


Connect * Embrace * Be


*well, 7 years ago now!



The journey begins April 4, 2013
90-minutes classes twice a month
Two class times available: noon or 5:30 pm pacific. Choose which one works best for you.
Program runs: 4/4-12/27/12



Virtually ~ a sacred place we’ll call home for the next 9 months



16 amazing women…

You miss yourself. You miss love. You don’t know who you are. You long to connect with what makes you feel alive. You don’t know where to start. You just want to be happy. All of the above.

You rush through your day, making sure everyone & everything is taken care of, responding to everyone’s needs, giving giving giving. Another day just passed you by.

Emotionless and drained. Will it ever be enough? Life is passing you by.


Your mind drifts…

  • This is not what I signed up for.
  • I thought it would be different.
  • You feel sad, empty and alone.
  • You look happy on the outside, feel empty on the inside.
  • Mentally exhausted.
  • Thinking about tomorrow means , ugh, more of the same.


Get ready to…

  • Tap into and trust your inner wisdom.
  • Discover and explore your deep connection to YOU ~ body, mind, and soul.
  • Connect through conversation, journaling, group activities and soul searching.
  • Experience connection, soul-singing and dance with life. (and a whole lot of laughter!)
  • Feel, embrace and experience life’s wonder!
  • Create the best year EVER.
  • Discover YOUR truth.
  • Give yourself and the world the gift of… you.



When I turned 37, I had an aha moment. Thinking of my dad, who died on his 38th birthday, I asked myself… if I had a year left to live, is this the way I want to live it? The answer was hell no and so my journey began. It was a 9 month journey with realizations and discoveries I could never have imagined. It was as if I re-birthed myself. I want to help you re-birth yourself, your view on what life can be and help you create a life you absolutely love.



Total Investment: $2200

Payment Options:

Nine Payments of $250 each ($2250)          btn_buynow_SM

Three Payments of $740 each ($2220)         btn_buynow_SM

One Payment of $2200                                       btn_buynow_SM

What you will receive…

  • A 9-month re-birth journey and experience where you will discover YOUR answers.
  • Twenty live tele-classes to help you connect to your whole self, hear your inner wisdom, and learn about you.
  • Three special guest teachers / speakers.
  • A “Welcome Home” package in the mail FILLED with all sorts of goodies for your journey (aren’t you dying to know what’s in it?! Can’t wait to send it to you)!
  • Three one-on-one sessions, just you, me, and an hour of love.
  • A private group forum on Facebook to connect, share, and hangout for 9 awesome months!
  • A personal 9 month Goddess reading to support your journey – now THIS is super cool.
  • An amazing support system of like-minded wonderful women. A sisterhood!
  • A sense of wonder and a new way of thinking. When was the last time you were curious?
  • Delicious ways to connect and feed your soul. Your belly isn’t the only thing that is hungry!
  • Fall in love with your magical manifesting self! A true love story will unfold, it just does.
  • A daily practice you can sink your teeth into. Look forward to spending time with YOU each day.
  • Feel curious, alive and in love with life! Is there any other way?
  • An action plan for – lovin’ life, being you, on purpose! I love a good plan!


What Else Will You Receive?

You will…

  • smile and feel beautiful
  • feel again, live, laugh and feel alive
  • experience and explore your inner world
  • come home to you and create a true (you) love story


I am beyond ecstatic to walk with women on this path. I have the tools to help you connect with the answers within. I love love love helping women look in the mirror and fall in love with what they see. When you discover you can give yourself everything you are aching to receive, everything else is just icing on the cake. xo


Questions? Email


Nine Payments of $250 each ($2250)          btn_buynow_SM

Three Payments of $740 each ($2220)         btn_buynow_SM

One Payment of $2200                                       btn_buynow_SM


What Inner Circle Sisters are saying…


“I think the stress of my son’s behavior and the resulting relationship with my husband got me thinking about joining the Inner Circle.   But it was Jen’s never ending calmness and resolute belief that I needed to be involved that tipped me over the edge.  Being surrounded by a group of like minded women who are going through similar situations brings resolve to anyone that they can get through what they need to get through.  The work that we have done and the ideas that we have learned about will be with me forever. I will be forever grateful for Jen having come into my life and for giving me nuggets of knowledge to use to make my life the best it can be.” ~ IC Sister Lisa


“Traditionally speaking, I am not a woo woo girl. I do not read self help books. And I do not think wishing something will make it be. But I want to change my life. I want to be the change I want to see in the world. Jen is guiding me on this path. I have no doubt I would still be staring off into my future yearning for more without her powerful words of wisdom. The peacefulness she exudes washes over the most skeptical of people leaving them wanting just a few more minutes. My time with you, Jen, has been the best learning experience of my life!” ~ IC Sister Vicki


“The most delightful part of this experience has been watching everyone grow. A great analogy is that we are all little seedlings, striving for sunlight. Some of us are small, being stunted by forest debris. Some of us are water logged. Some of us are tall, winding around branches, riding on others’ coat tails. Jen is the sunlight; warm and bright. Her rays of inspiration and information nurture us, helping us grow stronger. Her belief in us strengthens us that much more and we in turn become the sunlight for others around us.
Some concepts are so foreign yet week by week we slowly integrate it into our lives and our collective ‘happy factor’ goes up. We are more accepting of ourselves and in turn become more accepting of others.” ~ IC Sister Toni


Nine Payments of $250 each ($2250)          btn_buynow_SM

Three Payments of $740 each ($2220)         btn_buynow_SM

One Payment of $2200                                       btn_buynow_SM

BONUS GOODIES ~ when you sign up by March 17th!


Inner Circle Bonus Goodies

I love to give. So in the spirit of spreading love I have a handful of goodies for you! When you sign up by March 17th – watch your mailbox – you will get one of these treats:

    • (2) Born to Freak by Sarah Seidelmann
    • (2) There’s Not Enough Time by Jill Farmer (signed copies!)
    • (2) Live Life. On Purpose. A Daily Practice Guide by Jen Trulson
    • (2) Gratitude Journal by Jen Trulson
    • (2) Petite Whispers by Alexis Robin & Evon Biondi
    • (1) Love Life by Compendium
    • (1) I Can Do It 2013 Louise Hay Calendar


Nine Payments of $250 each ($2250)          btn_buynow_SM

Three Payments of $740 each ($2220)         btn_buynow_SM

One Payment of $2200                                       btn_buynow_SM


What other coaches are saying…


“I am blessed to be coached and play with some of the best people around. Jen Crouch Trulson is one of the most gifted healers and women full of love in this world. I can’t recommend this new journey she’s offering enough! Her sincere guidance is an investment in your soul.” ~ Connie Cruthirds


“AMAZING!!!!! This is a deep, soulful course for women. DO IT!” ~ Jessica Steward


“So thrilled to see Jen Trulson’s new program. If you are a woman who is feeling like you’ve lost yourself, Jen’s program is for you. She’ll help you find your way back home. I know what Jen put into the development of this program, and I can’t wait for folks to experience it. I know that Jen will guide you with love and support, she’ll engage all of your senses and she’ll deliver it all with passion.” ~ Elise Touchette


Your Teacher


JT_17Jen Trulson is a lover of life, quote junkie and solid gold dancer wannabe! She has a passion for creating connection and community. Bringing like-minded women together to love life, be themselves, on purpose… this is Jen’s hearts desire. When Jen turned 37 she had an aha moment. Thinking of her dad who died on his 38th birthday she asked herself… if I had a year left to live, is this the way I want to live it? The answer was hell no and so her journey began.

Jen is a Martha Beck Master Life Coach, Certified in Brooke Castillo’s Self-Coaching 101, mama of 3 and shares her life with her man DT. She is passionate about partnering with women who are ready to own their happiness and take responsibility for their life.  She has coached numerous clients, spoke for O Magazine, self-published a gratitude journal and is currently writing her first book.

Described as gentle yet powerful, spending time with Jen creates a positive shift in your world.  Prepare to have fun, be inspired and transformed.  She is natural, welcoming and has a magnetic energy about her. Believing in the art of acceptance, she doesn’t judge. Compassion is Jen’s middle name.