Reflections, Intentions and Right Now – 2012

2011 Reflections, 2012 Intentions and Right Now

I love this time of year!! Looking back at 2011, creating intentions for 2012 and being present, right now!

2011 Reflections

I browse my iCal, Love Life * Be You newsletters and ask my family what they loved most. So what did I come up with? Here are eight great things that happened in 2011:
(sticking with my grateful 8 theme!)

  1. Began the first Inner Circle group. I’ve died and gone to heaven. Thank goodness it’s heaven on earth. The women in this group have made the first Inner Circle everything I imagined and more! Truly beautiful.
  2. Travels to Arizona with coaching girlfriends, Maui with family and friends, Vegas in April with my man and friends, the Hampton’s in June to celebrate SCHOOLS OUT and hang with family, Coeur d’Alene twice in July to – once to celebrate my cousins 40th, the other to speak at my friends Food for Your Soul weekend, Huntington Beach for my Master Training Intensive, Montana for Labor Day, Victoria BC with girlfriends, Arizona (again) to get my Lucky on and ended the year with another trip to NY – Manhattan – to celebrate my nieces Bat Mitzvah and celebrate Christmas with our East Coast family. I love travel!!!
  3. Launched my new website and created a new FREE offer – The Girls Guide to Living Each Day on Purpose!
  4.  Became a Master Coach for Martha Beck!! The journey was amazing and I made some new friends along the way. Deeply grateful. In the process I did the tele-series “How to Live Your Worst Life” with a couple crazy sister coaches, wrote one of my most popular blogs I’m not happy, and worked with horses.
  5.  My oldest started driving (permit), my son started high school, my youngest started middle school. Where does the time go?!
  6.  Co-led Wellness Leap at Lululemon in Bellevue WA. Women set goals, built new friendships and won prizes! Also launched Free to Be then realized this was not meant to be born right now. Co-led Falling for GREAT in honor of Thanksgiving for the 2nd year in a row!
  7.  Created a Gratitude Journal… with a twist. I love them and yeehaw… clients and coaches do too, which is much more important!!
  8. Participated in Celebrate Balance on Capitol Hill, Mom Gets a Life Tele-party and The Choose Love Project!

Love reflecting! Now what?

2012 Intentions

Oh the choices!! I’ve given you a few links below to ideas I’ve enjoyed or am trying this year for the first time (12in12).

This year I got crazy!! I started out choosing a Word for my Year. My word… MORE. Read MORE about it here!

Then I reread Chris Brogan’s Three Words and I chose… Write. Fun. Magic. All these go hand in hand with MORE. MORE writing. MORE fun. MORE magic.

Next I tapped into my Deep Desires – delicious! Taste it here.

Lastly, there is 12in12. My family got excited about this one too. I’m starting January off with 25 a day. 25 crunches every single day. Hurts so good!! There is good reason behind it too, headed to Maui in February :) Follow the 12in12 fun here!

Right Now

Right now… it’s 7:00 pm on 1/2/12. The kids go back to school tomorrow. The house will be silent. My son is asleep. My daughters are playing on their iPhone and iPod on the couch. I’m sitting next to my husband who is watching college football. Stanford vs Oklahoma. We are all in our comfies, I’m wearing my noise canceling head phones while I write. Today I pulled Soul Coaching cards for my year. I wasn’t sure I liked what I picked, so I shuffled, cut the cards, and re-picked the cards. Guess what, same cards. I’m not making this shit up either. I was like – WHAT??!! (Magic). Wisdom, Power, Action. Then I drew my Life Purpose card for the year – School. I thought, no way, I am not doing any more schooling! So guess what I did. Shuffled, cut the cards and drew again. I kid you not, you KNOW what I’m about to say. The card is, once again, School. Argh. I laugh. Ok, let’s see what’s in store for me. (MORE magic)

Wishing you a year of loving life and being you, on purpose and MORE!

Sweet Reflections.

What is ONE great thing that happened in YOUR 2011?

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